Patient Testimonials

“What makes NOC special is their excellent care and warmth for their patients. Always friendly and makes you relaxed.”   Johnny F

“The nursing staff are fantastic. They are caring and very professional. I enjoy the warm atmosphere they create as well as their genuine interest in every patient's well-being. The Social Worker also spends time with all the patients and is a wonderful person. A big thank you to the doctors and nursing team for taking such great care of me!”   Anon

“The staff at NOC are very professional but always sympathetic and friendly.”   Anon

“The Oncologists are wonderful - always patient, they are good listeners and answered all my questions until I was satisfied. There is a friendly and warm atmosphere in the chemo department, and the NOC staff are friendly and helpful.”   Elize Lind

“What makes NOC special is the way the staff treat all the patients. I felt very comfortable here.”   Tienie

“I was terrified when I first learned I had been diagnosed with cancer. The empathy, professionalism, care and kindness of all the staff at NOC made my journey so much easier. I am forever in their debt. Cancer can be beaten. Be strong, stay positive and believe in the Lord our God.”   Robert H.

“Since the first day we arrived, the whole staff of NOC was so loving and caring.. All staff at NOC makes you feel part of their NOC family.”   Krystle F

“I started this journey afraid of the unknown. I came to NOC, with warm smiles I was welcomed. My Nurses, Oncologist, admin staff were always friendly and smiling, not to forget the Social Worker. I always feel NOC staff are a part of my journey and they will always be the best to me. After 6 cycles [of chemotherapy] it feels like I stayed with NOC for too short! I am so grateful.”   Lybia I

The testimonials of those who have received care at the Namibian Oncology Centre may serve as inspiration and encouragement to others who are in need of care while they fight cancer. We thank those who have taken the time to share their experiences with us.

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