Oncology Ward

Cancer patients have special needs and may not always benefit from general nursing care. With this in mind, NOC developed a 16-bed ward with specially trained staff dedicated to caring for the needs of our cancer patients.

Divided into 8 individual en-suite rooms and 4 double en-suite rooms, each ward is an oasis of calm designed to allow the patient to recover in a safe and peaceful environment. All wards have been equipped with comfortable furnishings and all the trimmings to make our patients' stay as pleasant as possible. 3 of the rooms form part of an isolation facility for High Care patients in need of more specialized care.

Our Nursing team consists of a group of professional Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses and Caregivers who have a passion for those living with cancer. The nursing care you will receive at NOC is of the highest standard and our nurses receive regular training to ensure that they can provide the best care possible.

Visitors Professional staff

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