The Namibian Oncology Centre offers progressive, comprehensive cancer care through sophisticated treatment modalities whilst simultaneously promoting early detection, treatment and prevention of cancers.

Our comprehensive service offerings include Clinical and Radiation Oncologists, a Paediatric Oncologist, Radiation therapy services, Chemotherapy services, a dedicated Oncology Pharmacy, Counselling services, Occupational Therapy services and a 16-bed cancer care ward including a specialised isolation unit.

We also offer prostate brachytherapy services in collaboration with a team of local Urologists and Haematology Oncology services in collaboration with local- and international Clinical Haematologists.

We have branches in Windhoek and Swakopmund and also offer consulting services in Ondangwa on a regular basis.


The team at the Namibian Oncology Centre employs a diverse workforce with a common purpose, to partner with our patients to improve lives and achieve medical excellence, operating with the highest standard of integrity.


Restoring hope through compassionate care.


C - Compassion

NOC provides compassionate cancer care, respecting the needs and dignity of each patient.

A - Accountability

NOC strives to deliver on our promise to provide trustworthy services in a safe and nurturing environment.

R - Reliability

NOC's service is consistently good in quality and performance.

E - Excellence

NOC strives to remain the regional and national leader in oncology services, always ensuring we have the best resources available for our patients and staff.

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Chemotherapy involves the use of certain specialized medicines or drugs to treat cancer. NOC's chemotherapy treatment area is spacious and comfortable, allowing our patients some degree of privacy and making provision for family members/friends to sit with them.

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Radiation therapy

Radiation Therapy is the use of ionising radiation to kill tumor cells. Comprehensive treatment planning is conducted in collaboration with the centre's physicist and Oncologists, altogether ensuring the safest, most efficient and effective radiation treatment is delivered to our patients.

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Cancer treatment, Windhoek

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